Waimara Angus

Our Guarantee


Waimara Angus offers a money back guarantee for 3 years for fertility and soundness.

If for any reason a Waimara bull, within the “Three Year Guarantee” period does not perform as a result of his own fertility or structural defect, excluding injury, we will refund the purchase price or part thereof over the 3 years of Guarantee.


  • Notify the breeder, so he can advise on Guarantee procedures.
  • Vet certificate or letter of infertility or unsoundness must be sent to breeder.
  • Please notify breeder prior to disposing of bull unless for humane reasons


  • Once you get him home ensure that you give him a mate – not older bulls.
  • Avoid placing young sires with old experienced ones in the same mating groups. The older bull will dominate the mating.
  • Where possible mate sires to similar aged heifers or cows.
  • Always keep an eye on them while they are out with the cows. Observe him serving so that you know the job is being done.
  • If you are single mating your cows, swap bulls for the second cycle.
  • A drop in semen count can be caused by colds, or other infections. If you’re still concerned call us or your vet and have him checked.
  • After the mating season if they are to be joined with older bulls ensure adequate feed which will help settle them and help eliminate fighting – plus plenty of room so they can get out by themselves if they need to.
  • Do not hesitate to call us if any situations arise as we have back up bulls on site. We are in a TB free area so they can be trucked without testing.