Waimara Angus

Our Aim

Our number one aim at Waimara Angus is to breed structurally sound, fertile cattle. They need to not just survive but thrive in a wide range of environments. We stand by this with our 3-year money back guarantee on structure and fertility – however we expect our bulls to last much, much longer than 3 years. They have to be passed on structure, jaw and temperament by Tom, Chris and Andrew to get into our sale catalogue. They are then semen tested by Xcell breeding.

All cows are mated for 2 cycles with a mixture of AI and natural mating’s – anything not in calf are culled. Heifers are mated as yearlings and the same applies, 2 cycles, not in calf – culled. All calves are tagged and weighed at birth, we record mothering ability and temperament and cull accordingly.

Waimara Bulls are:

  • BVD tested free and vaccinated twice
  • TB Status C10
  • DNA parent or sire verified
  • Semen tested by Xcell Breeding Services
  • Muscle Scanned by Austin Ultrasound
  • Fully recorded with Breedplan
  • 4.5 Star record rating out of 5
  • Clear of all known genetic defects