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Tumai cliff

Tumai cliff

Waimara Angus was founded in 1988 on a small property in Te Anau. It began with 4 cows from Monty Ericsons Matanaka and 4 cows from Cottesbrook. In the early days, 5 cows a year were bought into the stud from Te Mania. These cows were in calf to a Scotch Cap. In 2016 the stud was moved to a new lease at Tumai –  this is a 560ha coastal property in East Otago which experiences a dry summer. In 2013 Waimara purchased 50 cows from Braxton Angus Stud, in 2014 we got the opportunity to extend our herd again when Scott and Joy Clearwater of Palmerston were willing to take on 50 of our stud cows and farm them next door. Now the stud consists of 180 in calf cows including heifers and we sell 25 to 30 commerical beef bulls plus yearlings every year. This year sees even more progress with the purchase of 600ha called the Sugar Loaf in Middlemarch – this is a big move for Waimara as it now secures the stud for the future and also in time will allow us to increase cattle numbers.

Artificial Insemination was introduced from the beginning and has been used extensively over the past 24 years. In the early 90s we followed the trend of using American bulls and our herd consisted of approximately 80% American genetics. Over the years though, we have chosen to revert back to NZ bloodlines, although not excluding overseas genetics in pedigrees if they have a proven track record in New Zealand. Waimara Angus has also stopped using sires that we have not personally inspected ourselves. We trust in breeding cattle based on pedigree and family lines for performance and soundness.

Our selection criteria at Waimara, is first retaining functional, fertile cows, then to use technology like scanning and EBV’s. Our aim is to have cows that meet breed average in all the important traits. We are very concerned about the type and soundness of high figured bulls being used by Angus breeders which are shifting these average figures. We have resisted boosting our EBV’s by avoiding the use of highly figured bulls that do not pass Waimara’s selection criteria. Our belief is that the best computer available in selecting your sires is still sitting on your shoulders! When you select a Waimara bull you get a bull that has been bred by using longevity, function, type and temperament.

Once again our family welcomes you to Waimara Angus, founded by Tom and Sally and shared with their 3 children and partners. With the next generation keen to continue breeding Angus as well as the strong influences of Monty Ericson we are proud to say that Waimara is already spanning 3 generations. We look forward to watching it continue to breed quality sires long into the future.

We look forward to seeing you at our 7th Annual Sale on Friday, May 25th 2015 at 2pm, and will enjoy discussing why our breeding programme will suit yours.

Thank You,
Waimara Angus