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Easter Sees More Additions

Easter was a busy time for the extended family.  The Law’s, Pont’s and Runga Families gathered at Goodwood for family time and a bit of work was also thrown in.  Monty Ericson also joined the team for the weekend not only to share his advice on the planting of 80 trees around the section, but also to cast an experienced eye over the 2013 sale bulls along with Tom, Chris and Andrew.

Pippa and Hikawera Runga, 17th March 2013

Pippa and Hikawera Runga, 17th March 2013

Jayne was there to take more photos to add to the sale catalogue and Scott and Joy Clearwater were able to finalise the photoshoot.  It was also an opportunity for Roger Keach to create the bull line up for auction day.

Not only were these jobs ticked off the list, but the weekend also saw the introduction of Pippa and Hikawera Runga, born on 17th March and home in time for all the chocolate!  The two babies join Tieke and Lilykate to make the Runga family 6.

A New Addition To The Pont Family At Tumai

Whilst everyone is busy preparing for the 2nd Waimara Angus Bull Sale on 24th May, the families all stopped work and took the time to welcome a very special addition to the Pont family at Tumai.

Dusty Pont, 2nd July 2013

Dusty Pont, 2nd July 2013

Dusty David Pont was born on 2nd March, 2012 and brings the Pont family to 4. Jake, now almost 2 is already following in Dad Chris’s footsteps and only wants to be outside so he is very happy with the arrival of playmate Dusty to join him in his farming endeavours. No doubt we will see these two boys get in the thick of it over years to come and add their personality to Tumai.

Kate an already busy mum and newborn in tow is still finding the time to play a part in the stud with wine ordering and marketing for the big day all under control. The family are all looking forward to a successful day in May and a chance to introduce their new man.

Waimara’s Big Day – Inaugural Bull Sale

Friday the 25th May was a big day for Waimara Angus, which saw the first of hopefully many annual bull sales held at Andy Denham’s property Stoneburn. All the family had put alot of work into the sale to insure the day went off without any hitches. Tom, Andrew and Chris spent many an hour tidying, sorting, transporting and anxiously awaiting the big day, whilst Kate and Becky were busy with children, catalogues, marketing and advertising. Jayne was on the camera taking snapshots throughout the day. The family builder Gene spent his time fixing and building to give the agents a special spot on stage and last but certainly not least Sally put together a a good spread for everyone to enjoy and kept an eye on the budget!

Bulls awaiting viewing

Bulls awaiting viewing

The day went off superbly and much, much better than any of us could imagine. It was the icing on the cake for all the very hard work Tom had put in over the years and a huge incentive for the stud to move in the direction the families are so keen to take it in.

A huge thank you to Andy Denham of Stoneburn Herefords, for joining forces with Waimara Angus and having this combined sale on his property.  The day would also not have been such a huge success if it wasn’t for PGW Agent Wayne Brensell who pulled out all the stopes to ensure a positive outcome for all.

Please check out (Inaugural Sale 2012) for further sale and purchase details.

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